Reactive Maintenance

Rapid response to restore your electrical & HVAC assets back to operation

Your assets are critical to the seamless operation of your business so it’s important they are well maintained. But sometimes the unexpected happens and equipment failure cannot always be predicted.

Tiger Electrical's reactive maintenance team can restore your assets back to running condition. Our technicians are strategically placed nationally to return your facility back to peak performance quickly and reliably.

Speak to us about a reactive maintenance solution for your site

Don’t let a malfunction or breakdown stop your business in its tracks

Tiger Electrical understands that sometimes reactive maintenance is the cost effective solution to maintaining your low-priority assets.

Our team is experienced in responding reactively to repair unplanned failures and restore equipment so it can perform as intended.

We can integrate reactive repairs into your broader maintenance strategy, and use our asset management software to make it happen smoothly.

Providing smarter & faster assistance

For urgent repairs that just can’t wait, we have invested in GPS technology to easily co-ordinate and quickly deploy our nearest, most qualified technician to your -site.

We can re-route our closest available technician to provide a faster and efficient maintenance solution and meet our clients’ service expectations.