Commercial Preventative Maintenance

Prevent costly breakdowns & prolong the life of your assets

Preventative maintenance significantly reduces the risk of equipment failure, extends the longevity of your assets, and ensures your systems work at peak efficiency.

Our routine maintenance agreements are focused on mitigating potential issues before they occur.

As a key provider of preventative maintenance services, Tiger Group’s skilled technicians perform maintenance activities at single sites and multi-site operations nationally.

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Bringing critical insights into your operations

To ensure your site operates seamlessly, we use cloud-based asset management software to manage your maintenance program. It helps our technicians track assets, detect faults and receive real-time alerts if an asset fails testing.

The data analytics also provide critical insights into the remaining lifespan, reliability, and condition of your assets and assesses your return on investment.

Preventative maintenance for HVAC and Electrical assets

Our preventative maintenance programs aim to extend the life of your HVAC and electrical assets, prevent unexpected breakdowns and optimise its performance.
We’ll prepare a comprehensive asset register to record the condition of your equipment, track its service history and predict costs and expenses.

Invest today, save tomorrow

Our preventative maintenance programs are customised to meet each clients’ needs. We diagnose potential problems, implement solutions and identify new opportunities that improve efficiency.

Our maintenance portfolio includes corporate organisations, government departments and multi-site facilities that rely on our prompt and effective service to minimise disruption to their business.

We’ll help you achieve your maintenance KPI goals of cutting costs, reducing asset failures, and improving safety and compliance.