About Us

Our path to success

We look back on where we started with pride. And we’re excited about where we are headed.

2014 Tiger Electrical Solutions is born

We opened our doors for business in 2014. Our founder, Adam Mason, honed his skills in the industry as an electrical apprentice, learning how to build relationships with clients and understand their needs – the two values that remain the cornerstone of our business today.

A time for growth

We grew our in-house team, placing skilled technicians in key locations across the region and the country to respond to the urgent needs of our clients.

2021 Expansion & Innovation

We expanded the HVAC arm of our business by acquiring ACL Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, allowing us to extend our capabilities and service offerings.

Reneweable energy: a new era

One solar panel can save 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, making solar the perfect solution for businesses looking to minimise their energy usage and save money.

Looking forward

Our journey has been amazing so far. But we’re not about resting on our laurels. We plan to continue to grow and learn and innovate so we can keep delivering the high quality electrical, HVAC and solar services our clients deserve.

Our mission

To cement our place as reputable leaders in Electrical and HVAC  design, installation and maintenance.

We value that our clients choose us for our unrivalled knowledge. And we appreciate they stay with us because of our respectful, caring, and connecting approach.