Commercial EV Charging

Customised electric vehicle charging installation for commercial & government sites

Our customised EV charging solutions support you to future proof your building, increase its value by investing in modern equipment and help you attract a new wave of EV driving customers and tenants.

We understand EV charging needs differ between sites, so we deliver tailored EV charging solutions based on your needs and your building’s power capabilities.

Our experienced, licensed technicians have installed EV charging stations in strata and apartment buildings, public spaces, offices and commercial buildings around the country.

Speak to us about installing an EV charging station in your building

Make your commercial building EV ready

We provide innovative solutions for workplaces looking to drive change by supporting the transition to EV.

We’ll design a sustainable EV charging solution based on your building’s power load. We can carry out an onsite assessment to determine whether your site has the electrical capacity to accommodate EV chargers.

If your premises needs a power upgrade, our licensed technicians can upgrade your electrical infrastructure for a seamless installation project.

Speak to use about whether you qualify for a government rebate to make your charger and installation more affordable.

EV chargers that are compatible with the big brands

For high-quality results, we install chargers that are compatible with popular EV brands.

We recommend products that are fit for purpose and meet your needs, backed by our high-quality installation workmanship.

Our EV charging systems can help make your business sustainable and more cost effective while reducing your carbon footprint.